cnc image9CNC Oil & Gas Srl is a company leader in the energy market due to its ability to easily locate the right information through reliable sources and its ability to optimise the logistics of the provision in order to integrate fractionation, storage and transport with very low running costs.

The national industrial programs of a country, both in the medium and long term, are closely linked to energy supply. The context in which this occurs involves both individual countries and large oil companies. The best strategies can no longer ignore cost optimisation or sustainable policies. CNC Oil & Gas manages commercial operations in order to reduce costs to a minimum thus promoting success for the final customer.


CNC Oil & Gas, through its contacts, also operates as a research consultant for sub-contractors in the implementation of major energy facilities throughout the world and by partnering with Power Consulting UK designs power plants fuelled by gas turbines. Our group aims to be cost efficient in all aspects of management through the use of local personnel and facilities that, supported by a staff with high technical skills and through specific training courses, are equipped to manage the plant.



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