Our Business

CNC Oil & Gas is an established company on the global energy market that buys and sells energy products and performs consulting services in the sector based on the extensive experience gained by its staff.

In particular, the company:

  • Trades in energy materials: coal, natural gas and its derivatives, crude oil and oil derivatives 
  • 360° consultancy on the energy market (Energy Trade) 
  • Advice on drilling 
  • Counter Trade 
  • Development and assistance in the design of renewable energy 
  • Project development and renovation of refineries and power plants fuelled by natural gas

CNC Oil & Gas Srl performs most of its activities in the Mediterranean basin. The industrial activities on the Mediterranean coast offer the opportunity of implementing and integrating various strategies in the production, processing, procurement and logistics of energy products. The experience of CNC Energy allows optimisation of all the above steps and economic management that always benefits the end customer.


Siti web

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